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Planning, Scope and Integration Management Part 3

Stakeholder Analysis

According to Schwalbe (2006), stakeholders are the most important component in a project and in software project their importance is held to same extent because success and failure of the project is determined based on the needs and requirements incorporated in the project and the way project may influence the stakeholders (Schwalbe, 2006). Pay for your  assignment paper to professional writing company.  In this regard, Kathy (2009) identifies the responsibilities of project manager for analyzing the stakeholders of the project both internal and external. However, manager plays significant role in making a project successful or failure, it is essential to determine exactly what is required by the manager in the context of the stakeholders that may influence the project positively. According to Pritchard (2004), stakeholders are the core of any project and analysis of project stakeholders include identifying the stakeholders and understanding their needs. Thus, a project manager is mainly required analyze the stakeholders of his project using stakeholder analysis tool and model and identify how the success or failure of the project may affect the interest of the stakeholders.


Ignoring the stakeholders, as important pillar of the project is important because a project is considered successful based on the deliverance of suitable value to its all stakeholders (Kathy, 2009). In the case of the projects of J Sainsbury and FBI Virtual Case File system, lack of proper identification of stakeholders can be regarded as reason of the failure of the project because if project manager does not identify the value to deliver to the stakeholders, the project may suffer (Stellman& Greene, 2005). With regard to stakeholder value, the value of stakeholder should be considered as saving time, dominancy of market and increased productivity (Kathy, 2009).  Best  dissertation writing service is available with guarantee of 100% plagiarism free content. To a project manager, stakeholder analysis can help to understand the expectations, interests and requirements while understanding the stakeholders’ expectations, interests and requirements can serve to furnish the project according their requirements and expectation.

Organizational Culture

Just like the project charter, an organization’s culture is also important for the success of any project in any organization. In the case of Sainsbury’s software failure, the old plain project management practiced through the traditional organizational culture resulted in a lack of strategic vision and communication. Professional  essay writer is available to help students. It was observed that there was lack of communication between the company’s management and the Accenture, the company that was given the responsibility of the project (McCue, 2004). Due to this lack of communication, the project was set on to a big picture rather than on the business goals and objectives. Furthermore, the project was not designed by keeping in view the culture of the Sainsbury’s and its financial stability. Due to the inability of the company and the lack of knowledge by the organizations’ personnel the Sainsbury’ project failed. The IT personnel were not capable of understanding the upcoming It solutions and their effective and efficient role in supply chain system. 


On the other hand, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of FBI, on the consideration of the failure of the company’s project, blamed the culture of the corporation regarding the technology used in the  bureau was the main cause in misaligning the strategies in the project (Phariss, 2006). Ask professionals to  write my coursework in cheap rates. Furthermore, the company was facing the problem of the constant changes in the activities and a very poor turnover among the companies management. It was observed that the culture of FBI did not placed a very high value on the information technology and the employees were more focused towards a paper-based work environment. It has also been analyzed that the arrogant attitude of eth management in clearly defining their project requirement and objectives to their contractor, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) and prevented the developers in competently analyzing and capturing the working environment of the company (Phariss, 2006).

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