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Planning, Scope and Integration Management Part 2

Reasons of Projects Failure

As in the overview of the two projects, the reason identified for the failure of the two projects is mainly the mismanagement of the companies or corporations. However, a further detailed discussion would encompass the role of project charter of the Chain Management System of Sainsbury’s and the FBI's Virtual Case File System in the failure of these two projects. Hire  dissertation writer UK in very reasonable pricing. The analysis of the stakeholders associated with both the projects. It has been viewed that the organization culture also plays quite significant role in the failure of a project likewise an analysis of eth Sainsbury’s and FBI’s organization culture would be undertaken. After identification of scope of management of both companies, the impact of these issues on the delivery of software projects of these companies would also be discussed.

Role of the Project Charter

A project charter is defined as a document that is responsible for the overall life of the project by providing summary of the project objectives required to be fulfilled and the management of the project (McGhee& McAliney, 2007). It has been noticed that the failure of the Chain Management System of Sainsbury’s and the FBI's Virtual Case File System, occurred due to inefficient project charter that might be not up to the exact requirement of the project. This might be due to the managements’ inability to clear the objectives of the project to the project team. Get  help with essay by well educated and experienced essay writers. The failure of automated Chain Management System of Sainsbury’s was the mismanagement of the corporation causing in the system error. If there would have been the proper planning to control the errors occurring during the course of working, the possibility of the occurrence of such failures are reduced. Likewise, FBI’s Virtual Case System failed due to the incapability of the software to manage the changes required by the company. This only results when the objectives are not cleared to the contractor through the project charter.

According to the chairperson of Standish Group International, a heavy budgeted ERP project possesses low chances of the completion on time and on budget. Buy  assignment writing service online in UK. Furthermore, in order to complete the project in accordance with the changing modern environment and needs of such changes, the project charter would have been designed that should clearly state the objectives and expectations associated with such projects (Dennis, Wixom,& Roth, 2008).

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