Frequently Ask Questions

What services does Perfect Writing UK provide?

We, at Perfect Writing UK, offer a vast range of academic writing service covering all academic subjects. We are specialised in essay writing service, assignment writing services, dissertation writing services, coursework writing services, thesis writing services and all other academic-related solutions.

Do you offer writing services for all subjects?

Yes, as we mentioned above we offer academic writing services for all academic subjects. Every writer at Perfect Writing UK is experienced in his or her specified field of education.

Who manage all papers ordered by students?

We have hired experienced and qualified writers, who write academic papers for students as per their demand. When students come to us to buy paper writing service we assign a task to the writer specialised in that particular area of academics.

Do you offer quality assurance to students for their papers?

Yes of course, when students buy our writing services, it means that they trust us. We perform our duty with dignity and provide them with 100% plagiarism free academic writing services with 0% of grammar and other errors.

Do you re-sell or publish any written material?

We never involve in that type of crime. Every written paper solely belongs to the students who paid us for the specific written paper. Students hold all rights to utilise their papers. We never create a database of delivered papers.

What is standard of paper you provide?

We have different standards of papers. For details, you can check our order form. Our prices vary according to the standard of the paper.

How much time does your writer need to complete a paper?

When students place the order at, the writer starts processing the task and completes the procedure in the shortest time.

Do you deliver papers on time?

Timely delivery is our highest priority. We always make it possible to deliver every written paper before the requested deadline.

How much do you charge for your writing services?

Rates of our services are set according to the standard and type of paper. Subjects such as finance, computer science and statistics have higher rates but not too much high. Our rates for online custom academic writing services are very affordable that every student can pay from their pocket money. Rates may vary according to the number of pages and deadline of the paper.

Can I avail the discount for my paper?

Yes, we offer promotional discounts from time to time. Students can get the advantage of our seasonal and promotional discounts. We suggest students visit our website regularly to be updated with discount deals. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates.

Can I pay in instalments for my order?

Yes, every student is allowed to pay for their papers in instalments. However, some conditions are applied on the instalment plan, for which you can get further assistance via our live chat correspondent.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the written paper?

No issues, you can ask us to rewrite that area of paper you are not satisfied with. However, in case of any additional changes, you will be charged extra for that.

What is the refund policy of your company?

We allow students to get a refund in case they are not satisfied but as mentioned above, a refund will be allowed only we found our company or writer at mistake. We suggest students to request is instantly after receiving their paper, otherwise, a refund will not be made.

What is I do not receive my revision urgently?

In that case you are eligible to get a refund if we fail to deliver your requested revision.

If the wrong deadline is showing in my account?

If there is a system error the deadline will be counted automatically from the time and date of payment received.