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How to Avoid Clichéd Trope Copywriting

copywriting for websites

Copywriting: By definition

Copywriting as a whole entails composing advertising/ promotional content for firms, websites and miscellaneous marketing purposes. Moreover, it can also include:

  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Billboard ads
  • Brochures

The sales text is called sales copy. Overall, it’s a $2.3 trillion industry at present.

As opposed to editorial writing and news-writing, copywriting is tasked with the audience to take a specific action. It is usually aimed at buying/ engaging and obtaining a particular product. Copywriter is also known as‘marketer in print’.

Listed below are copywriting tips for roping in quantifiable consumers since information given to them via copywriting is concrete and measurable. Sounds good to go? Copywriting services for websites are aimed at marketing the website and its products to prospective consumers.

Clichéd Abstract Claims

Be one’s own devil advocate, read each sentence verbatim and observe the claim it makes. Make it more measurable and insightful.

  • Typified claim: We deliver our services to worldwide clients
  • Specific claim: 24,000 clients employ our services currently

Typified Marketing Drivel

Using the typical countless, millions and hundreds sounds too far-fetched, bordering on farcical. No consumer believes it at face-value. Use quantifiable numbers to demonstrate fair-play.

  • Typified claim: Millions of firms are using our consultation services
  • Specific claim: 43 firms are employing our services as of yet.

Polite Marketing Finishes Last

Agreed, at times, politeness and subtleties in messages can sound cultured, educated and maybe, decent marketing. On the other hand, using‘if’ can give consumers an excuse to shy away. Instruct consumers to follow a path directly which give an undertone of confidence and belief in self.

  • Typified claim: If interested in our newsletter, please/ kindly add your personal email address in the box
  • Actionable claim: Limited newsletter facility. Avail now

Give People an Incentive

  • Typified claim: Subscribe to our mailing list
  • Add value claim: Learn from first-hand experience by adding your email to our mailing list

Guiding people towards a certain path provokes an internal mechanism. Adding a bonus brings consumers at a moment’s notice.

Using Reason/ Logic

A poor marketing ploy is to promise‘Star Trek’ benefits from an ordinary product, exposing the ad then and there. It’s better to list down potential features of a product with sheer honesty, inculcating a dedicated consumer-ship.

  • Typified claim: Use our skin cream for fairness in 7 days
  • Honest claim: Our skin cream uses natural ingredients

Falsified marketing much?

It renders the purpose of copywriting entirely useless with farcical claims consumers won’t pay heed to. Rather, it’s advised to be honest and write relatable content. Consumers demand honesty and measurability. Give them.

  • Typified claim: Adam was a natural born talent at copywriting.
  • Honest claim: Adam stuck out as a sore thumb initially. But with due training and time, became a competent employee.

Lack of Originality

Using‘best’,‘perfect’ and such fancy words immediately remove the honesty from a copywriting copy. Level with the audience here.

  • Typified claim: We provide the best/ perfect/ superior service in entire city
  • Honest claim: Avail 20% discount on your next printout 
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