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Dissertation – A Practical Oxymoron


Have you heard about oxymoron that contains two opposite words together like bittersweet, heavy-lighted, and un-good? This literary tool is used to describe that feeling when a person feel both good and bad for one thing, or when encounter that circumstances in life which are both in his favor and against him. It can be thing, task, person or event as it’s a rule of life to bring mysterious challenges in life and person get confuse whether to fight against it or enjoy it.

In academic life, this feeling is faced by every student in form of dissertation. I salute to the dissertation writers as it is hard working and dry, yet very beneficial and important for students. The challenges and problems which they suffer other person can never imagine until and unless he doesn’t walk through the writer’s shoe. It reminds me of a movie you might have heard“Walk in her shoes” a Hollywood film. Though the plot of movie is based on two sisters, yet the central idea of movie is a person can’t understand others problem until and unless he doesn’t put himself in that victim’s place or one has to see life according to other’s perspective if they want to feel their problems.

From this perspective, it can be said that student’s hard work, or their challenges can’t be understood by third person provided that they replace their life with student engrossed in risky, responsible, and difficult task of dissertation writing. This view and sympathy can also be applied to the professional dissertation writers  who toil a lot and give their important time for making dissertation of student’s and earn through it.

If we talk about professional dissertation writers, my friend works in this line. According to her, it feels irksome to write dissertation when they are assigned to write it on that subject in which they have no knowledge. As dissertation is an outcome of massive research and analysis, writer has to be specialized in that subject, but bow to them who excel in providing us the best services in spite of being not enlighten with it. It’s not a piece of cake to research from the internet collect information, and then submit to student. There are many strategies to complete it. Professional writer’s have a very tough job as there is no time for rest as many tasks are lined up which they have to finish one by one.

It is good for them because it boosts up their knowledge of different subjects, enhances their communication and writing skills, they earn through it. For me, it is an oxymoron in all aspects and for all dissertation writers.

2/8/2018 5:15:56 PM
Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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