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Common Rookie Mistakes in C.V


Listed below are blunders committed by tenderfoots stepping into the professional industry, unintentionally orchestrating dismissal from a potential job opening. CV writing service UK provides prompt assurance of following rookie mistakes:  

Using Age Card

Hiring managers require corroboration on handling job essentials as opposed to using age factor to farcical extents. An expert hiring manager warns against:

  • Indicating numerically the x number of years of experience in opening summary
  • Indicating experience beyond 15 years

Reason being, x years in x field invites age bias by default. More so, a hiring manager with half as much experience and expertise is bound to be taken aback. It’s an unwritten declaration of power struggle.

Result-driven Environment

In case of most  Cathy CV Provides a Layout for Future listing jobs is a norm without including achievements at each job held. Most tenderfoots miss this key ingredient in winning a job interview.

Result-driven candidates mention their achievements succinctly, distinguishing themselves from slew of applicants. For instance, a candidate lists administrative assistant as a skill. How did it affect an organization’s processes is equally worth a mention. Hiring managers desire results and skills.

Skeletons in the Closet

Another general rule of thumb is to never highlight corporate-personal failures and shortcomings. A  CV writing is a promotional document for all intents and purposes. A sales pitch doesn’t highlight a product’s demerits. 


Aspiring candidates listing redundant job details, devoid of relevancy are destined for tanking their job interview. Hiring managers are short-listing candidates based on their aptitude and skill. By this extension, each CV is bound to draw 30 seconds of face-time with a hiring manager. Make it count.

More so, cross-checking is conducted by various firms for testing the waters. It’s better to fill in the gaps as opposed to firms reaching out.5)

Personal Information

Another tenderfoot blunder is including superfluous information in a CV having no consequential importance for a hiring manager such as:

  • Hobbies
  • Race
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation

These are all indicators of rookie gaffes. As long as the job criterion is met, a hiring manager is least concerned in trivialities.

2-Paged CV

Unless it’s an internship with Stephen King/ George R.R Martin, aspiring candidates are advised to limit their CVs writing  to just 2-pages by default. In case of a hiring manager, it takes them 10-20 seconds to graze at each application before deciding to shortlist/dispose it. More so, writing a CV  for a particular job description makes it discernible. 

After trimming the inessentials from a CV, it’s better to adjust formatting. Always use Calibri, Times New Roman for professional job applications, steering clear of Comic Sans and as such.

A case of Cramming

CVs having dense, small-font and crammed information are unappealing to a hiring manager. As a result, such CVs are usually overlooked due to lack of time. It’s better to provide information succinctly, apt for a 10- second reviewer.

Bonus tips

  • Ensure a CV steer clears of grammatical errors, factual blunders and falsified information
  • Never mention salary at jobs previously held
  • Providing references is gamble, avoid it
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