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Anatomy of a Finance Assignment on UK Retail Industry


Assignment writing on Finance  always sounds thrilling simultaneously scary owing to its very nature of complex financial paradox and paradigm. Being a professional assignment helper, through this blog, we will endow you with sufficient knowledge on how to handle a finance assignment like assignment experts. Many finance students in UK are urged to produce an assignment based on a particular industry. Say your tutor asks you to write a finance assignment on retail industry, this blog can be very beneficial for you. This is the anatomy of finance assignment on UK retail industry.

Overview of UK Retail Industry

We are all aware of the intensity and extent of the retail industry of UK. Having a number of players where creates great competition in the industry, it leads to a great variety for the consumers. Understanding the nature of the industry is critical for conducting a finance assignment if you intend to complete assignment like done by a professional writing service. You can begin your search with the basic research on the industry overview. Simple keywords that you can use are‘retail industry UK’ and a number of researches and case studies will spring up.

Players of UK Retail Industry

After stuffing enough background overview of the retail industry, next comes analysis of a retail company. UK retail industry is full with a great number of players, e.g. Aldi, Argos, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, and IKEA are the few examples. A great extend of information and financial data is available on these companies such as on the official website of the company, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia, and past researches. To accomplish the goal of assignment writers help, students must consider the most popular companies and should compare it with its competitors. If you ask our advice, select TESCO. Why? Because plenty of data is available on the company including student papers, research papers, journal articles, and reports.

Analysis to Calculate Profitability, Liquidity& Solvency Ratio

A finance assignment is based on the ratio analysis of a company or business. Being a finance student, you must know the formulas used for ratio calculations. Different ratios to be calculated are profitability, liquidity and solvency. Many students get puzzled when it comes to selecting the ratio. Remember! Selection of the ratio should be made on the basis of the industry. Not every ratio is for every industry and not every ratio is for every company. Given that you are working on the retail industry of UK, you may want to choose  ASSIGNMENT SERVICE– Last Minute Saviour gross margin by calculating the sale per square foot. You can also use inventory turnover to calculate the number of time inventory was sold and replaced.

Analysis& Evaluation of Ratios

Your calculations of ratios in finance assignments are of no use, if they are not properly analysed and evaluated. A UK assignment service with the help of finance expert will give an analyst insight of the ratios. An analyst insight means that you will have to analyse the ratios in the light of the strategies being adopted by the retailers. Such as size of stores play a significant role in the determination of the strategy. While analysing, you may also want to look into the competitors’ ratios, segments, size of the market, and other factors. By segment means the target of the retailers. To understand the strategy of a company and its financial performance, it is important to understand how its size and segment is affecting it. Competitors also play a significant role in the determination of the company’s strategy. There is a need to analyse the number of players in the industry, their sizes, and growth, profitability and market share.

Commentary On Findings With Personal Reflection

Commenting on the findings is the climax of the finance assignment wherein students must write their opinion based on the ratio calculations and evaluation in the light of industry trends, competitors, and strategy. In this section, you don’t only show your perception and viewpoint on the findings, but also engross with the past literature to support your arguments. However, this section doesn’t mean to be argumentative, it is therefore advised to adhere to reflective statement style.

Appropriate References& Bibliography

Referencing and bibliography is the core of the finance assignment. Your tutor will never accept the paper, in which categorical statements are not properly referenced or cited. Ms. Word is featured with an automatic reference option due to which you don’t have to be anxious about different reference style. All you have to do is to go to Reference from the menu option and click on Insert/Add New Reference. A dialogue box will appear, fill in the details such as author name, book/journal name, and year and publisher/journal name, and click OK. A dynamic reference is added in your document at the place of the mouse cursor. Alternatively, you can download and use Mendeley– free reference management software  other than Ms. Word.

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