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A Qualitative Research Guide For Your Next Thesis


Term qualitative can be dodgy and can confuse you. If you’re planning to conduct a qualitative research for thesis writing, you must take a few important points into the consideration. The reason why we earlier commented that qualitative can be dodgy is that diverse subjects take qualitative research differently. Prior to choosing the qualitative research, you must probe your friends or peers for the thesis help. Either supervisor or other online thesis service might also help you in this regard. If you are on the verge of choosing qualitative research for your next thesis, then take a few minutes to read through this blog and decide if qualitative research is what you want. This blog will further hand round you as thesis assistance as well and will unfold the obscurity and mystery of qualitative research method.

Let’s Unfold Mystery of Qualitative Research

Before we continue with the guidance if qualitative research is the best fit for you, let’s have a review of what qualitative research is. QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultation Association) defines qualitative research as a design of study that mainly focusses on the behaviour or perception of individuals. University of California defines qualitative research as an exploratory study, which aims to observe the behaviour of individuals in a particular environment. Qualitative research is comprised of three dimensions viz., qualitative data collection, qualitative data analysis, and qualitative software for the analysis:

Qualitative Data

In another blog, we will provide you a profound knowledge about  Nine Most Wanted Transferable Skills for Thesis Writing. For now, it is enough to understand that qualitative research first initiates with the qualitative data, which means a particular kind of primary data to be collected. Different instruments and tools of qualitative data are open ended questionnaire and interview. In other cases, secondary data is used as a primary data in which theories, concepts, and ideas studied in the past researches are used to further explore the chosen phenomena. 

Qualitative Analysis

It’s obvious that you cannot treat qualitative data with quantitative analysis. You need a strong and concrete qualitative analysis to analyze your qualitative data. In another blog, we will provide you writers help with respect to how to pick a qualitative analysis for your thesis. Different types of qualitative data analysis are thematic analysis, Meta analysis, coding into themes, content analysis, and case study analysis, critical discourse analysis, frame analysis, focus groups, and other field researches. So, you can design your study based on different philosophy such as Ethnography, Phenomenology, Grounded theory, participatory action research, or case study design.

Qualitative Software

Qualitative analysis can be done with or without qualitative software. If you’re asked to pick particular software to perform qualitative analysis, then you’ve to go through a thorny decision phase. You can either pick software yourself or ask a thesis provider. Different popular and most used qualitative software are ATLAS.ti Maxqda, NVivo, QDA Miner, HyperRESEARCH, Qiqqa, Xsight, Dedoose, webQDA, Saturate, and Annotations. In another blog, we will provide you a thoughtful explanation about how to choose the best software along with the analysis of each software in hand.

Qualitative Research& Thesis Writing on Diverse Subjects

None of the organisation or university guide student that the nature of qualitative research study changes with the change in the domain and subject. This section will further provide a thesis help through a profound understanding of qualitative research for various subjects.

Qualitative Research in Business

In business management or studies, students are asked to produce a business plan through qualitative research. A qualitative research can be carried out to analyze the consumers’ response towards a particular product development. The responses of the consumers are then coded and analysed through selected data analysis. For this purpose, different software can be made used, such as Nvivo or Maxqda.

Qualitative Research in Marketing

To prove the effect of marketing tactics, qualitative research is performed in the marketing field through collecting consumers’ response to a particular marketing tactics. Marketers often utilise qualitative research method to get in-depth insight of responses received from the respondents. Thematic analysis is the most common analysis conducted in the marketing through interview questions, whose responses are later coded and interpreted.

Qualitative Research in Nursing

With the increasing trend of conducting research on the satisfaction of patients related to the provided nursing service, more and more qualitative research is being performed. Focus groups analysis is the most popular analysis conducted in the nursing field. The focus group analysis is commonly done through interviews or questionnaire.

Qualitative Research in Finance

Many assume that if conducting a research in the field of finance, it will be only concerned with financial data. However, the truth is that a lot of researches in finance are carried out through qualitative research. Such as, in the banking field, qualitative research is conducted to measure the behaviour of consumers.

We hope that you will find the above blog informative and useful for your thesis. If you are interested in or want us to provide you guidance for other topics related to thesis, you can post your comment below.

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