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Essay Writing – No More a Tearing Task

Whether you’re at freshman year, or sophomore, senior or undergraduate, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by essay tasks. It won’t be wrong to say that essay writing task is unavoidable and irresistible. So, the faster you learn it, the better it is for your academic career. You may be asked to produce an essay in the classroom or assigned as a homework. As a homework, you’ve a lot of margin to plan the task or ask others for the essay writing help UK. There’re many, who prefer to buy an essay from an essay mill or you can also postulate to hire a best essay writing service to guide you how to write your essay.  After a long experience, our experts have formulated a set of guide to account for what it takes to write an essay that earns a good grade. Given that every essay genre comes with its unique guide, so first begin with the genre of the essay.

Understanding Genre of Essay for Essay Writing

If you never heard it, then let us reveal this to you. Essay comes in different types, size, genre, and style. Wondering what is genre? Genre is the very nature or  purpose of the essay. To provide an insight of each, there is an account for every genre here:

essay writing service

Expository Essay Writing

This type of essay aims at investigating and exploring a chosen idea based on the available evidences. The essay can be a little tricky, particularly for UK students& that is the reason why many students hire essay writing services UK. The essay can be composed in a specific structure:

  • Introduction with the definition of idea or problem.
  • Body entailing compare and contrast of the evidences.
  • Discussion and analysis of cause and effect.
  • Conclusion and recommendation.

Descriptive Essay Writing

As the name suggests, this type of essay is usually descriptive in nature instead of analytical and critical. Therefore, this  type of the essay talks about almost every object being part of the essay.

  • Introduction with the aim of the essay.
  • Body with multiple headings and themes.
  • Body with description and statistical details.
  • Conclusion having a summary of the essay.

Definition Essay Writing

It won’t be wrong to say that definition essay contains a number of definitions combined to put an essay piece. You pick an idea or problem, and search for the related definitions to make it look like an essay.  Definition essay usually has no structure, but you can come up with something like:

  • Introduction with the definition of key terms.
  • Supporting paragraphs with more key concepts.
  • Summary paragraph to summarise the findings. 

Narrative Essay Writing

You’d read many essays, which tell you the story of an event or occurrence. Such essays are narrative essay. If your tutor or module leader asks you to  write a narrative essay, it means that you’ve to share your experience. You can produce a narrative essay while considering the following points in mind:

  • Personal pronoun such as“I” can be used.
  • Provide every minor and major details of the experience.
  • Don’t go off the track and focus on the topic.

Argumentative Essay Writing

If you’re a UK student, you must be familiar with the  argumentative essay writing  style. Many students  buy essays online UK  because they’re incapable to produce an  argumentative essay that guarantees them A grade. So, if you want to be a good scribbler of an argumentative essay, you must follow the below:

  • Formulate an introduction that present your argument.
  • Develop an argument launched in the introduction.
  • Provide argument against your argument.
  • Analyse both in favour and opposed argument together.
  • Conclude arguments and present your opinion.


Analysis Essay Writing

Analysis essay, also known as analytical essay, is the most popular genre of essays assigned to freshman, senior, sophomore, graduate and undergraduate levels. Bear this in mind that analytical essay writing, unlike other genre of the essay, is not merely a summary. You, for the start, must come up with a killer thesis statement and bring up your argument backing up important sources.

  • Give a killer introduction by putting an interesting aspect of the topic
  • Provide an awe-inspiring and astonishing thesis statement
  • Pick peer reviewed articles to support your argument
  • Put your claim and back up your point.

Hire Best Essay Writer for your Next Essay Task

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Types of Essays

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