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Firm C Annual Report

Cool Cars (Firm C) is one of the five competitors in vehicle industry and generates its revenue through the sales of the vehicles and trucks automobile dealers in the StratSim world. Firm C is manufacturer and supplier of vehicles that include Cafav, Camini and Climax and total sales of the Firm C is estimated $13.7. The total market share of the firm C as per its different vehicles is diverse and larger sale on unit of the vehicle of Firm C was for Cafav that falls in family (F) category with 1,439 units and 13% market share.  The firm has 41% market share for its vehicle Climax that secures 291% sales units and falls within luxury class of vehicles. Camini with 100% market share reserved 181% sales units. The greatest sales unit of the Firm C was for its vehicle Cafav with 1,439. Best homework help


As per consumer segments the firm C targeted the family segments by making flexible and vehicles available for them. The lowest of the firm’s growth was observed in the luxury product Climax that targeted enterprisers by providing them business class transportation. The balance sheet of the firm C indicates higher receivable than cash in assets of the company for first period while it is decreased in the period 11 and cash of the company increased 10, 123 and receivable decreased to 0 both in long term and short term. Thus, the shareholder equity which was 1,261 in 1 period increased 11, 660 in the period 11. The cash flow of the firm C for the period 1 shows income 1, 769 from operations  which was observed low and it increased 26, 596 in the period 11. The investment in the first period was 0 and it decreased further -953 which show low inflows come from the sale of assets, businesses and investment securities.

The total distribution of the firm C was observed eight hundred for full coverage which remained same even in the period of 11. The above discussion indicates the growth of Firm C as the real GDP growth of the firm for the first period was 1.0% and forecasted to increase 1.5% while for the period 11 the real GDP growth of the firm 3.0% and forecasted to lower 1.0%. The cash rate of the firm for 1 period is 3.0% which decreased to 2.0% in the period 11. The total market share of the firm is 20% with 18.209% sales and 684% income for the 1 period. Total debt of the firm is 5,625 in the period 1 and reduced to 0 in the period 11. The market share of the firm increased 52.6%in 11 period and sales increased 118, 483. The income of the firm increased from 684 to 16,899 in the period 11.


Thus, according to income statement of the firm, total sales of the firm is 100.0% and total net income in the 1 period is 5.8%. In the period 11, the total sales of the firm remained 100.0% while net income of the firm increased to 21.9%. The estimation and evaluation of income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement demonstrates remarkable growth from period 1 to period 11 while some have shown stability and consistency.

Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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