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Hacks for Research Paper Article Database

We are all informed about the significance and role of research paper articles in the academic writing for graduate students. Irrespective of the topic and subject, you need to access journal and research paper articles to prove and back your arguments. Failing to do so may result in getting poor grades. Nevertheless,  Sources for Writing a Perfect Research Paper desired articles can demand you a nerve of steel. Not only that you need to search out the correct database, but also need to get into the online database to search for the required article. We aspire to bring you online writers help to guide you about different online databases useful for online writers and show you how they can be made use of for your  research paper writing task.

Number of Online Databases equals to Endless Opportunities

Online databases are the key of every professional writing expert without which he won’t be able to produce a quality assignment, essay, research paper, or dissertation. Here, the purpose is to give the knowledge and education of different online databases, which are specified to a particular domain. Here, we’re going to talk about six major databases viz.,Ebsco, ProQuest, JSTOR, MedlinePlus, CINAHL, and PubMed. These databases play the role of a writing workshop and provide you  online research paper writing help.


Ebsco or EbscoHost is the world’s largest multidisciplinary online database. The important aspect of Ebsco is that it consists of a number of sub databases where you can find Academic Search, Business Source, Computer Source, Medline, CINHAL, and other so on. The database also enables the users to apply multi strategies to carry out the search. It also incorporates the selection of a sub database, narrowing the searches through specifying the types of the sources, year of publication, and type of study conducted in the source, nature of the sources (e.g. peer review article or empirical article). Take our advice; always prefer EbscoHost for your research paper article searching. To access EbscoHost, you must have the subscription. EbscoHost can also be accessed through your college or university’s library ID only if your college of university has the subscription of the EbscoHost. You can also take the user account on rent from a professional writers help.


ProQuest is a technology database, which contains thesis, dissertations, eBooks, and articles. You can find the research paper articles related to Aerospace, Aeronautics, Astronautics, Agriculture, and Food science, Food technology, Nutrition. So, if you are in search of multiple natures of sources, ProQuest might be your best friend. The database searching strategy comes with two types including basic and advance. In terms of narrowing the searches, ProQuest functions the same way as EbscoHost; however, EbscoHost is always given preference owing to its versatility. Similar to EbscoHost, to access the database content of ProQuest, subscription is required.


JSTOR– as the name says– a storage of journals. But good news is that JSTOR is now offering the book facility. If your tutor is obsessed with books and demands books cited along with articles, then you needn’t go anywhere else. JSTOR database is categorised into two: JSTOR Collections and FREE Resources. If you are into current journals or archived journals not older than 3 or 5 years, then JSTOR is the database you have always looked for, but there is a price for that. Yes! JSTOR charges a particular amount on the subscription else, you are allowed to access JSTOR Collections through your college or university membership account. However, if you are interested in archived journals, which are older than 1923, then you might want to get benefit from their free resource facility.


MedlinePlus is a medicine database. The pro of the database is that it is FREE. Yes! You can access the research papers and journal articles related to medicine without any subscription. However, the con of the database is based on the fact that it is established by United States National Library of Medicine and therefore its studies, research papers, and journal articles are limited to only USA.


CINHAL is the name of the nursing database. If you are a nurse or a potential nurse, then CINHAL can benefit you a lot. Good news is that if you can access the CINHAL through your EbscoHost account as well. So if you have got the EbscoHost account, you needn’t spend more money on the subscription of the CINHAL database.


PubMed is another popular database largely and commonly being used for biomedical studies. The dark side of the database is that it mainly offers references and abstracts on biomedical. The access to the database is free of cost; however, its research papers and articles are limited to only USA.


Many are very much aware of Mendeley. It is a catalog of researches where different research documents are accumulated from various sources. The database is linked with its reference management application. Thus, it is simple to use and cite in the paper.

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