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Possibilities of Qualitative Data Analysis in Dissertation

Indulged in  accounting dissertation writing service and doing qualitative data analysis? In the modern time, where humans are blessed with technologies to assist them in performing chores, at the same time, the technology is assisting the humans to ease the research task. Computer Assisted/Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) is what we are talking about here. The term CAQDAS mainly aims for a software dissertation help to students, wherein qualitative data are coded and processed through running a query to produce the result. Many online dissertation services that  manage your dissertation properly might offer you qualitative software services. This blog aims to educate and inform students about different qualitative data analysis software as a dissertation writers help and become self- sufficient in operating qualitative software.

Top 8 Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Professional dissertation writing  demands the student to pick correct qualitative software in accordance with the aim and objectives. Computer aided qualitative data analysis software provides dissertation assistance in data analysis through coding and interpreting the text, content analysis, discourse analysis, and recursive abstraction. Let us tell you that qualitative software can be employed merely for qualitative data. On this ground, the usage of computer assisted qualitative software might be limited to certain subjects and area of studies, e.g.Marketing, Nursing, Law, Music, Education and others. On top of it, it is a must that your data is collected through interview, focus groups, observation, and document collection. Here we will provide you an insight of top 8 qualitative software.


ATLAS.ti is one of the most popular and useful qualitative software used for data gathered through interviews and documents. It comes with different features such as managing documents along with multi document view options, and coding for data types. The software has been developed to un-reveal and discover the meaning of the text. However, the specialty of the software is that it is not limited to only textual data, but also allows multimedia and geospatial data. Various options in the software aim to enable the users to find the codes and analyse the data. The most significant aspect of the software is that it can easily merge different documents and can keep a log of all the notes, annotation and codes.


MAXQDA– another qualitative data analysis software with the ability to analyse text and multimedia both. One of the most essential features of the software is that multiple individuals can work on the same software on the same project at the same time. The software comes with a memo system, which is an effective retrieval function allowing the users to organise the text.


NVivo is proved to be effective and efficient qualitative research software. Unlike other qualitative software, NVivo works with very rich text based as well as multimedia data. With the help of this, it is possible to conduct an in-depth analysis of unstructured data. If you aim for testing a theory as part of your dissertation or determining the trend in the multitude of ways, then we bet that search engines and query function of NVivo will greatly assist you in that.

QDA Miner

QDA Miner is another qualitative data analysis tool. QDA Miner is said to be one of the convenient and easy to use software due to its import function, via which you can import different formats of documents and images. Similar to ATLAS.ti, QDA Miner has text retrieval option to manage text. The reason why QDA Miner is preferred on other software is that it also offers different statistical functions including frequencies, cluster and coding.


Another qualitative software is HyperRESEARCH. Just like other qualitative software, it offers its users to retrieve text and do the coding to analyse the text. It also supports different types of text and multimedia such as audio and video data type. The thing that distinguishes HyperRESEARCH from other software is that it supports Case-Base qualitative methodologies.


What really makes Dedoose different from the rest of the qualitative software is its accessibility on the browser. Other software are chiefly desktop based. It means that you should have the set up of the software to run and install. On the contrary, Dedoose allows you to use the software in the browser where you can use almost the same functions as offered in other software without facing the trouble of installing.


Annotations is another qualitative software, however, unlike other software, which are windows based, Annotations is Mac based application software.The application software is chiefly used for making the notes in the document.


XSight is another qualitative data analysis software with the ability to analyse and evaluate non-numerical data. The software differs in its functions from other qualitative software. It entails a wide array of analysis framework. The visual map feature of the software enables the user to view the relationship between variables.

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