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ASSIGNMENT SERVICE – Last Minute Saviour

PRECISE 21 Stages of Misery

How beautifully Jemima Skelley presents the perfect pictorial representation of the“21 Stages of Leaving an Assignment to The Last Minute” in her article published in BuzzFeed News. The clear-cut 21 points are spot-on!

She starts with mentioning about coffee and candy, which forms the fundamental incentive of pushing yourself to agree to meet head-on with the gruesome assignments. The itinerary defined is truly amazing as this is exactly how the student’s functions while deciding to DO their academics and getting assignment writing help.

THREAD through the Journey

Are online bachelor’s degrees popular? The course begins by the exact phenomenon as highlighted by the assignment writer,“You look at your subject outline and realise that you have a huge assignment due in a week”. However, the tension subsides eventually with the opted strategy where,“You try to motivate yourself”. Nonetheless, the tactic followed would be, you make a deal:“OK, if I do 300 words every day then it’ll be so easy”. Now life seems so comforting and charming and“You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself for how well you are handling this”. It is time when students actually loses track of time and end up realising,“Suddenly, somehow, it’s three days before your due date and all you’ve done is open a reading on your computer, then minimised it”. The pressure starts building up and“You start to mildly panic but still try to tell yourself that three days is a long time”. Then you contact online academic services with the query write my assignment for me as the deadline is too near for you.

Next,“Magically it gets to the night before your assignment is due and you have 3,000 words to write by 9am”.The way writer has captured the emotional stages encountered by the students is awe-inspiring. Every detail is accurate and summarises the trail of events that triggered the occurrence of another. She further adds to the story by pointing at the most common feeling that each individual is guaranteed to have been through and express as,“How did I get myself into this Position?!” After dragging yourself in front of the computer screen about several times, trying vigorously to put something down, still does not help much. Hence, you decide to treat yourself with chocolates and coffee along with taking short TV break. Unfortunately,“By this point it’s nearing midnight and you seriously consider just going to bed and dealing with it all later”.

It seems to be the end of the world when you could just imagine the expressions of your Professor with evil grin andI-know-so mocking style. This definitely let shiver run down your spine and you regain all the stamina to start all over again,“by 4am you’ve reached your word count (or close enough anyway), and does a really quick skim read” to unveil what you have scribbled so far. Honestly,“it doesn’t make much sense, but whatever. As long as you submit something, you don’t even care.” Moreover, you retire“to sleep, you tell yourself that next time you’ll actually start your assignment earlier”. No wonder how much you really mean it to be engraved on stone; you tend to get in the trap all over again with the next assigned task.

Well, the smart students would rather retreat from such situation by approaching the assignment service providers, who claim to be eager to offer customised assignment even at 11th hour!

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